To help human viewers in the Pacific Northwest get to know their underwater neighbors: scientifically, emotionally, spiritually, artistically.

Do you have underwater video, photos, writings, or art that will help people get to know our sub-tidal neighbors?

If so, we'd like to include them in one of our monthly shows.

What's In It For You?

In exchange for the use of your material in our show, we offer:

  • exposure for your work via the public access stations, internet, and other media outlets that carry SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest
  • we will send you a DVD of the episode in which your material appears
  • the knowledge that you are encouraging better stewardship of our marine resources by helping people learn more about the seldom-seen creatures living in the water

Submission Guidelines

Submission Form (pdf)

Submission Form (web page)
Download and print the pdf or html version of submission form.   Fill it out and mail it to us along with your media. 
None.  This is a continuous series.  Submissions will be accepted at any time.  But don't put it off, there will always be a chance later to submit something else.
Video, photographs, PowerPoint shows, music, literary works, images of paintings or sculptures -- anything that matches our mission and can be rendered visually and/or audibly on a TV will be considered.  Our commitment is to portray the underwater world in as many ways as possible, and to encourage works that push the boundaries of the electronic media at our disposal. 

If your submission is already video, chances are higher that it will appear sooner.  If it is not video, our editors will seek volunteers to assist those artists who don't have video editing capability.  Our capabilities for that are  limited, so contact us before sending us material that will require work on our part.   For example, if you submit a poem about the underwater world as text, we would need to record you (or someone else) reciting it, and probably add underwater images and music.  If it is already a PowerPoint show, our computer can turn that into a video with little effort.  If it has music, so much the better.

We do not fund the completion of works in progress.  However, under some circumstances we may include incomplete works as-is in our program.

Content that shows disrespect for any ecosystem or members thereof will be considered only under squeaky clean conditions, and when it was necessary to convey the work's message.  
Works featuring gratuitous abuse or thoughtless treatment of creatures or habitat will not be shown.  Works depicting people feeding animals or encouraging unnatural behavior will not be shown unless there is some compelling rationale.

Works made above water, in aquaria or swimming pools will be considered if there is sufficient motivation.
The work should have some connection to the Pacific Northwest.  In some cases, we will consider works not specific to the PNW, particularly if they emphasize the interconnectness of our oceanic realm, but contact us about such a work before sending it.

The person (or entity) submitting the work must have rights to allow all content included in the work to be broadcast on Public Access TV and distributed via the internet and via other distribution mechanisms and to be modified as necessary for such usage. 

Written words necessary for understanding of the work must be in English.  Spoken words must be in English or there must be subtitles in English.

Any number of works may be submitted.  Each work must be accompanied by its own paperwork.
Entry Fee None. 
We will send you a DVD of the completed episode in which your content appears.  We're working to attract sufficient sponsorship to make this series self-sustaining and to have some left over to share with those who have contributed content.  The Northwest Film Forum has agreed to be our fiscal sponsor, and that will make it possible for us to accept tax-deductable donations and to qualify for certain types of grants.  But seeing any income at all is still a dream at this point.
Editorial Preferences
Our editorial staff has an unabashed bias toward works that help people empathize with underwater creatures, that illuminate marine stewardship issues, and works that push the boundaries of visual communication.

Computer generated images and animation are ok, but all else being equal (which they seldom are) we would choose images of real life.

Ultimately, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to use or not use any material submitted.

SEA-Inside Submission Details

The Media
We will strive to take very good care of your media, but we assume no liability for it -- we cannot guarantee that media will always remain in perfect condition.  We don't recommend that you send us your only copy of a work.
We will make our best effort to return your media to you when sending you a DVD of the completed episode in which your content appears.  If this is not possible for some reason, we will contact you.
Your work will be digitally spliced into a half-hour show, so we need media we can import into our NLE (video editing software).  We can accept works in 4:3 or 16:9 formats, though 16:9 content will be letterboxed to 4:3.

We cannot accept HD or HDV formats at this time.

We can accept VHS, SVHS, digital-8, mini-DV, DVCAM, DVD-ROM, and CDROM, as well as links to digital media to download. 
Please try to make your DVD-ROM or CDROM media as MAC friendly and generic as you can, although we do have access to a PC if nothing else works.  We will not rip playable DVDs.
Press Info
Please do not send press kits or other promotional info until your work has been accepted and we request such items.
Mail to:
SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest
Still Hope Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1407
Suquamish  WA  98392-1407

use U.S. Postal Service, as couriers will not deliver to a P.O. box.
We will not accept submissions sent "collect."
Email to:

Thank-you for reading all the way through this.  Thank-you for your commitment to help people get to know our waters' inhabitants.

If SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest isn't scheduled to show on your local pubic access TV station, contact them to learn their submission requirements, then email to INFO at SEA-INSIDE.ORG