SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest
Submission Form
Print this form, fill in the blanks, and mail this along with your media to:
SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest
Still Hope Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1407
Suquamish  WA  98392
Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Company: __________________________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________________________
City/State,Prov./Zip: ___________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________________
Title of Work: ________________________________________________________________
Presentation Medium: _________________________________________________________
(e.g. video, audio, photos, PowerPoint, text)
Delivery Format: _________________________Running Time (H:MM:SS): ______________
(e.g. VHS, SVHS, digital-8, DVD-ROM, CDROM, url)
Each piece of physical media should be labeled with title, running time and contact information.  You must have proper releases for any persons identifiable in the video and proper license agreements for any content not owned by the submittee.
If you would like to receive acknowledgement that we have received your entry, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard.  We will mail it back to you as soon as we open your package.
Is work complete?  If not video, how do you envision it appearing on TV? If credits are not embedded in the work, please attach credits as you would like them to appear.  Please do not include press kits and other promotional material.  If your work is selected to appear in SEA-Inside, we will request these and send you a license agreement for for your content.   Please add any other comments to the reverse side of this form.