Choose From Many Ways You Can Help!
SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest
is a non-profit project in association with
  Northwest Film Forum

Would you like to be a part of this project?

SEA-Inside: PNW depends on people like you to bring the underwater world to the "terrestrials."

 There are many ways you can help.  Here are just a few.

See below if you would like to financially sponsor SEA-Inside: PNW

Help the show reach a broader audience
Talent Needed!
Help spread the word!
You are the key!  Many cable-access stations require that programs be submitted by a resident of the community they serve.  Contact them to find out the particulars, then let me know, and I will send you each episode on DVD to give to them.
Are you a musician?  A writer?  An artist?  A web page designer?  Technical illustrator?  Fund raiser?  Many skills necessary to keep this series on the air.
Volunteers can do most of these tasks anywhere, and the results communicated via the internet, so you could be a big help even if you don’t live in the Puget Sound area.
Would you like to help by hanging posters? Submitting press releases to your local media? Help design posters or write stories about the show or the issues it addresses?  Speak to your club or local rotary or scout troops about it?  What sort of free publicity have I forgotten?

To volunteer to apply your skills to help SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest fulfull its mission of introducing people in this area to their underwater neighbors, please email: info at
Would you like to help make more people aware of our critical marine ecosystems by contributing to SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest?

Donations of $50 or more are tax deductible because of the sponsorship of  Northwest Film Forum.   You will receive  a tax receipt for your donation. 

All donors (unless you request otherwise) will be listed on the SEA-Inside: PNW web site.  Sponsors (those who give $125 or more) will also be listed in the credits shown on the air (contact me for details).

How much does it take to keep this show on the air?  One of my goals has been to produce an inspiring and informative show for far less than similar shows on commercial television. 

I have succeeded!  This is not a glossy, Hollywood nature show filled with charismatic megafauna, but a  community oriented show about our neighbors who live underwater.  It costs about  $3,000 per episode.  Comparable commercial shows (if there were any) would cost more than 10 times as much, probably much, much more.
I want to help SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest  continue to bring amazing and educational video stories of underwater life to community TV stations

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Organization: ____________________________

Address: _______________________________

City: ______________________ State: _______

Zip: ____________  Phone: ________________

Donation:       ____$50       ____$100       ____ Other
Sponsorship: ____$125     ____$1000     ____ Other

Amounts over $50 will be tax deductable if check is made payable to: Northwest Film Forum.
Regrettably, they will not accept smaller amounts.  I will happily accept any amount (made payable to Still Hope Productions, Inc.) no matter how small, but amounts smaller than $50 cannot be tax-deductable.

Mail the check and completed form to:
Still Hope Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1407
Suquamish  WA  98392-1407

__I would like to volunteer, please contact me.

__I won't donate now, but I like your shows, so please let me know when the next episode is available.