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Senator Phil Rockefeller, Washington State District 23

"SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is a powerful way to illuminate the underwater habitat and its biology, as well as highlight many projects that already aim to restore and preserve this unique ecosystem."

Jeff Renner, KING-5 TV, Seattle, chief meteorologist

"Even the best message or most important issue won't generate interest or compel action uless it's presented with good writing, photography and production values.  SEA-Inside achieves on each of these counts. As someone who has taken underwater photographs (or attempted to do so) I know the challenges involved and can appreciate a job well done, such as in your segments."

Shawn Jennison, CPTC Television

"SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is helping more people realize that there is an important and beautiful marine ecosystem in our waters that needs our care.  We have received terrific feedback from our viewers."

Jamie Karnik, Pacific Communications Manager, OCEANA

"We are all more likely to protect places we know and love, and John's work to bring  the wonders of the ocean out of the depths and onto our screens is an important part of protecting the oceans."

Chuck Boland, filmmaker, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

"SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is setting a new standard for underwater video -- not only excellent photography, but offers scientific context with far more value than just 'pretty underwater pictures'."

Matt O'Dell, Oregon Public Broadcasting:

"A well made program that takes the viewer on an adventure to the bottom of
the ocean.  This program is not only educational but entertaining and
visually pleasing.

Pete Belcastro, Director, RVTV, Medford Ashland, Oregon:

"Rogue Valley Community Television has aired SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest for a year.  While it is impossible to count actual views on PEG Channels, RVTV has a broad reach with a cable base of 50,000 subscribers in Jackson and Josephine counties in Oregon.

"In viewer surveys we ask about what type of program they would like to see on RVTV.   One of the top suggestions is information programming about the Pacific Northwest.   SEA-Inside: PNW fits this viewer preference perfectly.

"The show is well done, informative and provides viewers with something they did not know before.  I enjoy the effort that goes into making SEA-Inside: PNW and hope to continue showing it on RVTV Cable Channels.