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John F. Williams
(360) 598-4152
Still Hope Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1407
Suquamish  WA  98392-1407

Episodes Aired

20, as of October 2009


Each episode is around 25 minutes long, consisting of several short videos from 1 to 15 minutes each

Producer, Director:

The series is produced by: John F. Williams, Still Hope Productions, Inc.  The several videos within each episode are produced and directed by a variety of people.  


Still Hope Productions, Inc.

What is the purpose of this show?

The mission of SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is to introduce people in the Pacific Northwest to their underwater neighbors.  There is a lot of talk about, and some action to, preserve our oceans and waterways.  But when it comes to getting public support for these efforts, there's a big obstacle -- most people have no idea what the marine ecosystems are like, much less how important or how stressed they are -- even the ones nearest to them.  This half-hour TV series addresses that problem by bringing into people's living rooms seldom seen underwater creatures and the intricate relationships between them.  SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest blends video, art, literature, science, and photography to provide a multi-facted look at the world beneath the water's surface. 

About the TV Series

In video-magazine format, each episode of SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest features several underwater-themed videos by a variety of producers. 

Now in its fourth year airing on community stations around Puget Sound and around the country, SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is a half-hour TV series produced by Suquamish, Washington resident and underwater videographer John F. Williams.  "The point of this TV series is to introduce people in the Pacific Northwest to their underwater neighbors," said Williams, "it's the only thing like it in the region.   The focus is on the Pacific Northwest, but a few videos from all over the globe are included, since similar issues are present in every ocean."
"We are altering our environment on such a huge scale that the oceans can no longer buffer us against our own mistakes," Williams continues, "so awareness of what's going on in our waters is especially important now -- we need voters who are informed about this invisible environment."

SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is a non-profit project that provides a new half-hour TV show about the underwater world every other month.

Where is it broadcast?

SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is broadcast on 60 community cable TV stations (public access, educational, government stations)  around the Pacific Northwest and around the country (from British Columbia to  Florida,  from Maine to southern California, including some small towns like Washington DC, and San Francisco).  This show reaches 5 million homes. For a list of stations, click on the "WHERE TO SEE IT" link.

How is this series funded?

SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest is a non-profit project in association with Northwest Film Forum and eligible for tax-deductable donations.  The series is made possible by donations, sponsorships, donated content, and mainly volunteer labor.  It See the "SPONSORS" and "HOW TO HELP" links for details.

What are examples of what's in the TV series?

Click on the link labeled "Episodes" to see details of each episode.