the invisible shoreline:
a video tour
What is our Shoreline Master Program protecting?  What makes the nearshore so dynamic?  Join filmmaker John F. Williams for a video tour of the secret watery world lapping, crashing, and swirling on our local beaches.
Our Invisible Shoreline:
A Video Tour

FREE! For all ages
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  As we walk along the shoreline, we are surrounded by things we can't see.  They are hidden below the surface of the water, beneath rocks, they are too small to see, or maybe they are processes that are too slow for us to see.  But their presence is a key part of our environment.

Join underwater videographer John Williams for a tour of this "invisible shoreline" and a discussion about how  art, science, education, and recreation are involved in protecting and preserving the health of Puget Sound.

John will be showing excerpts from his TV series SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest as well as newer footage that hasn't yet been on the air.  Time will be reserved at the end of the evening for audience participation discussions.

John Williams spent almost 20 years helping to map the ocean floor all over the world, from the deepest of the deep, the Mariana Trench, to the flanks of Surtsey, Iceland, some of the newest real-estate on the planet.  At the beginning of this century, he embarked on a new adventure: turning his love for SCUBA diving into a new career making educational underwater movies.   Recognizing some of the serious issues facing our oceans, yet optimistic that they can be addressed through public awareness and involvement, John founded a media production company called Still Hope Productions, Inc.

His video has been seen on broadcast, satellite, and cable TV, and at science conferences.  John's movie about the four seasons underwater in Puget Sound, "Return of the Plankton," is in many schools and libraries around the U.S., and it toured the country with the Kids First! film festival in 2007.  For the last six years, John has been producing the Pacific Northwest's only underwater TV series, "SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest."  It is a non-profit project that airs on over 60 community TV stations and on the internet and has won both local and national awards.

John is a member of the 911 Media Arts Center, Northwest Film Forum, the Alliance for Community Media, and he served on the steering committee for the Puget Sound Partnership's ECO Network.

"John Williams gave a superb presentation to a packed conference room in Port Angeles.  His underwater video footage captivated the attentive audience.  And his lively delivery and interesting information entertained the audience, both young and old alike.  Even a fellow diver and marine biologist like myself thoroughly enjoyed the evening."
— Ed Bowlby, Marine Biologist for NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

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