Counting With REEF
Produced, filmed, edited, and music by John F. Williams

Follow a volunteer fish counter underwater.  Counting With REEF will show you the ins and outs (and the ups and downs) of  the Reef Environmental Education Foundation's fish counting program.

Similar to the Audubon Society’s wealth of bird data acquired by volunteers, REEF has created a database of fish observations made internationally by participating volunteers. The information in the database is available to scientists, policy makers, and ordinary citizens via the internet. This video uses Puget Sound footage of divers observing fish and recording their observations to demonstrate the basics of fish counting. Narration (in English) explains the motivation for counting fish. "Counting with REEF" has been shown at 4 film festivals in the U.S.A. and won 3rd place in the Environmental Category of the Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition in 2003 (5 minutes)

Underwater Videographer John F. Williams produces educational videos about the underwater environment. As founder and President of Still Hope Productions Inc., he creates videos that portray the marine environment as a part of our own backyard.  John began producing the monthly show SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest in order to show more people the mysteries of the underwater world, as well as to offer a venue to other underwater media artists.

If SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest isn't scheduled to show on your local pubic access TV station, contact them to learn their submission requirements, then email to INFO at SEA-INSIDE.ORG