Night Shift
Underwater Photos by Steve Fisher
Music by Craig Donelson

It's rare enough for most people to get a peek underwater in the Pacific Northwest, but how often do you get to see what goes on in the impenetrable blackness of night? 

Steve Fisher gives us a glimpse at the night life with his photographs from Puget Sound, Cape Flattery, and the San Juan Islands in Washington State, as well as Port Hardy and Telegraph Cove in BC.


A former US Navy diver, Steve Fisher started his underwater photography in the mid 80’s as a hobby and his endeavor has since taken him to many other regions & countries.
 He has been honored by the PSA (Photographic Society of America) as an ‘Associate’ for his dedicated efforts in promoting underwater photography to clubs, councils, fairs, schools, and fraternal orders. His images have been exhibited throughout the world in salons and publications, primarily in the field of nature and photojournalism.

 I find night diving totally fascinating. Many critters are out and active that are seldom seen during the daylight hours, and their colors seem more intense. I find camouflaging color changes of octopuses and some fishes to be intriguing & puzzling in that inky black atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Dr. C. W. Biedel, FPSA

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