Lingcod Nest Survey Methods
Produced, filmed, and edited by John F. Williams
Music by David Michael

Ling Cod Nest Survey Methods (10 min) shows how volunteer divers at Edmonds Underwater Park conduct surveys of nesting sites where male lingcod guard egg masses during the winter months.

This video was produced in 2001 as a training video for Kirby Johnson's ling cod survey program.   It was later shortened and spruced up for public viewing on the SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest TV series.

For more information about lingcod and their egg guarding behavior, see:

Status Report: Census of Lingcod Nesting Activity
in the Edmonds Underwater Park
  by Kirby Johnson

Activity Log:
We pledge to count the ling,
the whole ling,
and nothing but the ling,
so help us cod."

Article in REEF Notes, Spring 2001, Page 6

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