Episode 3: 25 Minutes

What is going on here??? If you guessed this was a geoduck spawning, you were right! I came across this on 14 April, near Bainbridge Island, Washington. I filmed it at about 30 feet at low tide with a Sony PDX-10 in a housing made by UnderSea Video Housings sitting on a tripod.

Night Shift
photos by Steve Fisher

Creatures of the Night from the waters of Washington and British Columbia (4 min)

Counting With REEF
produced by John F. Williams

Audubon Society members aren't the only volunteers counting wild animals (5 min)

Lingcod Nest Survey Methods
produced by John F. Williams

Where (and when) do you find 3 foot long fish guarding eggs?
 (10 min)

produced by Cameron Snow

Fish leap from the pages of this book by paper engineer Linda Costello (3 min)

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