Sights In The Sound
by Valerie Lyttle

Originally created in 2004 as a gift for non-diving friends, Sights in the Sound is a short video showcasing some of the wonders of Puget Sound, Washington. 

What are the creatures in this video?

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Valerie Lyttle
Email: ValcanERRN at AOL.COM

I started diving in 2001 and was immediately addicted.  Did a whole slew of courses, devouring any chance to learn more about diving, eventually becoming a Dive Master and DAN Emergency First Response Instructor.  During the journeiy I discovered underwater videography and was as instantly hooked on that as I was on diving in general.  I've made short videos in my local waters (Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Barkley Sound) as well as warmer climes (Cozumel, Fiji, Thailand) and am currently working on a video shot on location in The Philippines.

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