Diving in Southern California on the "Catalina Mako"
by Roger Roth, 1994

This was one of Roger's earlier films, and it has been trimmed from the original 19 minutes down to 10 miutes for SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest.

MYSTERY!!!  the mention of phosphorescent particles on the sharks' snouts and attributed to squid is at least partly erroneous.  A marine scientist from the Pacific Shark Research Center said that it was likely to be bioluminescence, not phosphorescence.  He also said that while there are bioluminescent squid in the deeper waters off the California coast, the blue sharks are unlikely to feed on them.  So what explains the glowing on the sharks' snouts?

ANOTHER QUESTION: Why is this film about diving off Santa Catalina included in a show about the Pacific Northwest?  Good Question!!!!

The Pacific Northwest is the theme of this show.  Another theme of this show is to recognize that classifications are often inexact and overlapping.  While one could define the Pacific Northwest in a number of ways, for the purposes of this show, we are interested in the biota of the northern coasts of the Eastern Pacific.   Currents create a boundary of sorts at Pt. Conception, just north of Los Angeles, and many of the same creatures are seen from Alaska to Pt. Conception.  However, that boundary is somewhat blurry as some of the creatures we're used to seeing are found as far south as Baja California or even South America.

But that's just rationalizing.  In fact, it's instructive to have a look at our neighbors, even if they do have different biota, or are distant neighbors.  In future episodes of SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest, we will occasionally visit some of our distant aquatic neighbors in the mid-west and even in the Northwestern Atlantic Coast.

Roger Roth - Underwater filmmaker, founder & director of the international, non-profit Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition.

Roger Roth is a former science teacher and has been diving and filming underwater since 1988.  He's earned nine international gold medals for underwater video production and has authored dozens of educational videos for schools and educational outreach programs around the world.  A partial client list for Roger includes the Discovery Channel, the U.S. Navy, the Nature Conservancy, Save the Manatee Club, Aggressor Fleet, Ltd., MV FeBrina and Walindi Plantation in PNG, Loloata and Tufi Dive Resorts in PNG, Peter Hughes’ Star Dancer, Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Foundation.

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