Episode 18: 22 min, 52 sec

Puget Sound Matters

by Jenny Cunningham

The plight of native oysters in Puget Sound (1 min)

You Say You Don't Like Oysters

poem by Janet Knox

video by John Williams

(2 min.)

Trickle-down Theory

by bublnoyz

What have we learned from history about caring for our waters?  (2 min.)

Attack of the Sea Slugs

by Champ Williams

If you've never thought slugs are scary, you've never been on their menu.   (6 min)


by Bora Bora

There's nothing like a day at the beach -- unless you live there!  (6 min.)

The Secret Weapon

by Champ Williams

When things are looking their bleakest, help comes from a surprising place.  (2 min)

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