Episode 17: 22 min, 59 sec
This episode continues the theme of managing our ocean resources from Episode 16.  Two movies look at protecting marine areas from various forms of exploitation or development and at building underwater parks.

Puget Sound Matters

by Jenny Cunningham

Orca Network watches the movements, births, and deaths of orcas in Puget Sound. (1 min)

A Sheltered Sea
(Selected Excerpts) by Coyote Films and The Baum Foundation

How do we protect our oceans in the face of increasing pollution and demand for resources?    (6 min.)

They Come

by Walter Marti

Squid gather to mate, and their predators know it.  (3 min.)

Blue Waltz

by Walter Marti

If you've never seen jellyfish dancing, this might surprise you
(3 min.)

Artificial Reefs in B.C.

by John F. Williams

Not trains, but boats and planes are homes for underwater creatures  (5 min.)

Just Hanging Out

by John F. Williams

Spend some quality time up close with Puget Sound inhabitants
(2 min.)

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