Episode 15: 26 min, 33 sec
This episode showcases art -- underwater art -- from young artists in third grade to a  dot-painter who has recently been inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.  Sandwiched between these two features is a short video whose art is capturing the comic nature of the fish themselves.

Puget Sound Matters

by Jenny Cunningham

What we do influences the lives of the critters living in our waters. (1 min)

Our Puget Sound Friends
by John F. Williams

A very talented 3rd grade class created a quilt that shows various Pacific Northwest underwater creatures  (11 min.)

Just Goofing Around

by Anastasia Laity

This award winning short video visits some of the colorful underwater creatures just below the southern edge of the Pacific Northwest  (3 min.)

Dots of the Sea

by John F. Williams

Rogest (Ron G. Steven) uses dots to bring colorful images of underwater life to those of us stuck above the surface
(8.5 min.)

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