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In addition to the movies listed below, video by Still Hope Productions, Inc. has been used by:
  • Fine Living Channel
  • French National TV
  • KOMO 4 TV Seattle
  • KING 5 TV Seattle
  • KIRO 7 TV Seattle
  • City of Bainbridge Island
  • Exotic Aquatics Watersports
  • Puget Sound Georgia Basin Research Conference
  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation
  • Washington SCUBA Alliance
  • Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
  • Hood Canal Dissolved Oxygen Program
  • Numerous schools around the U.S.
Furthermore, Still Hope Productions produced the TV series SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest about what's underwater in the Pacific Northwest that aired on 60 cable access stations.
Three short (4 minute) videos take the viewer on a tour of streams in Kitsap County…streams that are mainly invisible: underground or hidden by trees. Even more importantly, we see interactions between the streams, the ecosystem, and the communities they flow through.

Return of the Plankton: One of a series of videos being created about the natural history of Puget Sound, Washington, U.S.A., this episode uses stunning underwater video of amazing creatures to tell the story of the seasonal changes underwater and the importance of plankton as the basis of the food web.  Almost all of the footage in this video is from Bainbridge Island, Washington, U.S.A.  The video  is 27 minutes long and is available on DVD.   Via the DVD menu, each of the four approximately 7 minute underwater seasons can be shown separately: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Also on the DVD are over 150 pictures of creatures in the movie, and each picture contains information about the creature: scientific name, common name, habitat, and diet.  Also included on the DVD are a quiz, a food web concept map, a movie synopsis and brief bios of the principals.

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Guardian of the Reef : In 55 feet of water in Saltery Bay, British Columbia, stands a mermaid named the “Emerald Princess”. Created by local Artist Simon Morris, the 9 foot tall bronze statue depicts an image of strength, beauty and serenity.

In a renewed effort to promote diving in British Columbia, the Dive Industry Association of B.C. has recommissioned Simon Morris to create a new statue -- 13 foot bronze casting of a Greco-Roman inspired warrior, which morphs into a sea horse.

“We have been ignoring the oceans since becoming industrialized, but he has been standing guard on the environment for us. It’s time for us to rediscover the importance of our environmental responsibilities”.

Produced by Jonathan Galbraith & John F. Williams

Hood Canal: Challenging Profusion

John teamed up
with Emmy Award winning producer Kit Spier to document the story of low dissolved oxygen levels in Hood Canal, Washington State.  This 14 minute segment is the first part of that story -- what's going on?  what's the downside?  what's being done?

The video opens with seldom seen underwater footage of the effects of seasonal low oxygen episodes on the marine life.  Dead fish litter the bottom, other fish have fled the safety of their homes in the depths for a risky chance at survival in the shallows.

Counting With REEF is an award winning recruitment video aimed at encouraging West coast recreational SCUBA divers to join REEF’s fish counting program. Similar to the Audubon Society’s wealth of bird data acquired by volunteers, REEF has created a database of fish observations made internationally by participating volunteers. The information in the database is available to scientists, policy makers, and ordinary citizens via the internet. This video uses Puget Sound footage of divers observing fish and recording their observations to demonstrate the basics of fish counting. Narration (in English) explains the motivation for counting fish. "Counting with REEF" has been shown at 4 film festivals in the U.S.A. (5 minute and 3 minute versions)

Bainbridge Island Beach Seining
 This six (6) minute video was produced for the City of Bainbridge Island.   The video illustrates the beach seining process, including views of the net from underwater.  Fish counting and measurement techniques are shown as well.  Video footage of some elements of the near-shore ecosystems are also included to help convey the importance of the beach seining project.  This video aired on Bainbridge Island Broadcasting in December 2003 and shown at the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition in October 2004.  It also won 3rd Place in the Conservation category of the Underwater Images Competition of 2005.

Ling Cod Nest Survey Techniques
, a training video for Kirby Johnson's ling cod survey program at Edmonds Underwater Park, Edmonds, Washington, U.S.A. This video shows how volunteer divers conduct surveys of male ling cod guarding egg masses during the winter months.
2001 (12 minutes)

Fort Worden Artificial Reef
is a video tour of the reef produced in conjunction with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.  It was shown continuously during the Low Tide Fest in July 2001 (14 minutes)

Spawning Squid

hang out with a school of market squid who are spawning in Puget Sound as they are being circled by predators.

2005 (10 minutes)

More abot Spawning Squid 

Robots of the Sea
Underwater vehicles, built by high school students, undergo sea trials, sending back video images from below the surface.
2007 (14 minutes)

What would a relay race for charity look like if it were conducted underwater?  This video takes a look at how divers staged a successful and "first of its kind" event to raise money for children's cancer research.   2007 (7 minutes)

More about Dive-Around-The-Clock 

Dan Hershman's Underwater Photos
What happens when someone who really knows what they are doing gets behind a camera underwater?  Dan's  composition skills and experienced eye really show off his technical prowess with a camera. 
2008 (6.5 minutes)

Puget Sound Friends
Third grade students created a quilt based on creatures in the movie Return of the Plankton.  Their teacher and volunteers at Manchester Elementary School in Port Orchard, WA guidedthe quilt making process and helped the students find in-depth knowledge about their chosen underwater creatures.   2008 (11 minutes)

Dots of the Sea
Imagine our marine ecosystem in Australian style dot paintings.  Rogest (Ron G. Steven) shows some of his astounding paintings and talks about why he does them.   2008 (8.5 minutes)
More about Dots of the Sea


Underwater Video Footage from Still Hope Productions, Inc. has also appeared in:

Song of the Salish Sea -- a Natural History of Northwest Waters, by Earthwise Media and People for Puget Sound, 2006.

Life on the Edge: A Guide to Pacific Coastal Habitats, by Earthwise Media produced in partnership with the Seattlle Aquarium,  2004

Docks and Pilings: Man-Made Reefs, produced by Earthwise Media for the Poulsbo Marine Science Center

It's a Jungle Down There! The Story of Eelgrass Beds, produced by Earthwise Media for the Poulsbo Marine Science Center

a French TV show about unusual animals contracted Still Hope Productions, Inc. to videotape geoduck harvest and surveying (2004)

picture of Leopard Nudibranch

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